Why you should invest in the mushroom industry?

Consumers around the world are paying more and more attention to the quality of nutrition. Mushrooms, along with other mushrooms, are part of the global trend. This mushroom is low in calories, contains valuable protein and fiber as well as highly digestible fats. By consuming mushrooms, the body is being provided with potassium, selenium, copper, iodine and vitamins A, E, B and D. The mushroom has a lot of culinary value and is an excellent addition to the diet.

Global mushroom consumption keeps growing but the level of demand differs depending on the region of the world and cultural conditions. There are regions with high consumption exceeding 2 kg per person such as Asia, Europe, North America, however, there are still markets where the product is practically unknown or unavailable.

Building a mushroom farm is an interesting business project. In most cases, within a year after deciding to launch the project, it is possible for the client to have a facility that is already earning money for itself. Local authorities often support such projects, as they create numerous workplaces.

Mushroom production is generally stable throughout the year and seasonal fluctuations in demand are not essentially reflected in production.

In order to start a mushroom business, we recommend the client to deeply study his own sales market, demand potential, competition, customer requirements and distribution network, food trends etc. We assist the client in all aspects of starting a business. In the following articles we will tell you more about all the market, economic and technological aspects of entering the industry.

The mushroom industry is interesting because:

– it provides the market with a healthy product that fits in with nutritional trends

– the market is growing, which gives the investor a chance for long-term development

– fresh mushroom has a fairly short time period to consum which is an advantage for local production that will beat a product imported from distant suppliers in terms of quality and logistics. Customers more often value fresh, locally supplied products.

– when you decide to build a mushroom farm, it is possible to have a working and profitable farm within a year

– it creates new workspaces which in many regions contributes to reducing unemployment

– mushroom production is seasonally stable

Before you make the decision to start mushroom farming, there are a few things to take under consideration as a future Investor.
We will try to give you the answer to this question based on the following example, which took place at our foreign customer in the past.


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