Exterior sliding gate

for a growing room


Sliding gates are used to tightly close the opening in the wall used for filling and emptying compost and casing. The aluminum frame, galvanized flashings and stainless fittings ensure many years of use. A sandwich panel (PIR with a thickness of 80mm or 100mm additionally improves insulation of the growing room. The gate is opened using a manual or hydraulic lifting mechanism. Depending on technical parameters of growing room, based on Clients request or depending on local regulations, the gates can be equipped with overpressure louvers or pass-thru doors which can be provided with or without louvers. 

Lifting mechanism for gates



The hydraulic gate opener is entirely made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Lifting of the gate is accomplished with the use of a hand pump and hydraulic cylinders. Galvanized guide wheels with stainless steel bearings. 

Lifting mechanism for gates



Manual mechanism to lift and slide the gates is made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel with a galvanized guide and supports. Zinc plated guide wheels with stainless steel bearings. 


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