a headfiller for filling substrate and casing – Premium version


This machine’s purpose is to mechanically fill substrate and casing onto growing shelving at mushroom farms. It is a premium product, which minimizes the effort of those working in filling. The applied solutions allow reducing its operation to the necessary minimum – both during the work and maintenance activities.


  • Option to move the combine’s loading belt up to the shelving 
  • Thrown cacing 
  • Ramp angle adjustment 
  • Ultrasonic height sensors for compost/casing 

Technical data

  • Loading speed: 6.5 m/min * 
  • The standard design is suitable for shelving with a cultivation width: 1340 mm 
  • Maximum main belt lift height: 3300 mm
  • Curb weight: 8200 kg 
  • Length: 9390 mm
  • Width: 2480 mm 
  • Minimum height: 2310 mm 

Additional options

  • Conditioning-ruffling axle 
  • Central greasing system 
  • Wireless remote 
  • Belt heating 
  • Hydraulic lifting of the compost leveler 
  • Casing irrigation 
  • Hydraulic lifting of the casing leveler 
  • Compost irrigation 

* On special request, it is possible to increase the loading speed to 11 m/min with adaptation of other machines in the technological line to this speed 


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