Completed in the mushroom industry

LOU Legumes - Mushroom Farm

Landivy, France

In 2021, we completed the construction of a mushroom farm consisting of 22 growing rooms for mushrooms and 4 growing rooms for oyster mushrooms. The scope of work on our part included the construction of rooms with comprehensive technological equipment and social area.

BTW-Agro - Compost Yard

Kobryn, Belarus

The first in Belarus and one of the largest composting plants in the world. The facility was built according to our design. We supplied the structure, materials, complex equipment and technological machines.

LOU Legumes - Mushroom Farm

Poiley, France

In 2021, we expanded the existing mushroom plant with 2 additional growing rooms, giving the Client additional production capacity of about 450 tons of fresh mushrooms per year.

Bonshe - Mushroom Farm

Brest, Belaurs

The first mushroom plant in Eastern Europe built by our company. We began cooperation with this largest mushroom producer in Belarus in 2015 and continue to this day. We regularly expand the complex with new facilities and provide comprehensive equipment of our own production.

Gribnoj Raj - Mushroom Farm

Brest, Belarus

At the beginning of 2020, we completed the construction of a mushroom farm for 12 growing rooms of 723 m2 each of cultivation area in the free economic zone of Brest. The maximum annual production of mushroom is about 2,700,000 kg. The concept of the site development plan includes the construction of a minimum of two additional facilities with the same parameters on the plot owned by the Investor.

Gribnaja Strana - Mushroom Farm

Baranowicze, Belarus

The new mushroom house which consists of 40 growing area of 723 sq.m. each, a technical section with a large cold room, 4 shock chambers, a mushroom packing line and a powerful chilled water machine room located in a separate building. The facility was built in 5 stages. The total maximum production of the mushroom plant as of today is about 9,000,000 kg of mushroom per year.

Logal-Bio - Mushroom Farm

Szczuczyn, Belarus

The site development concept according to our plan included the construction of two mushroom cultivation buildings with 12 growing room of 723 sq. m. cultivation each with a social and technical area. We launched the first facility with a maximum annual production of 2,700,000 kg of mushroom in October 2018, while we started construction of the second facility with the same production parameters in spring 2019 and launched it in September 2019.

Fabrika Griboff - Mushroom Farm

Aleksandrowo, Belarus

We built the mushroom farm on the site of existing foundations established by a previous investor 5 years earlier. The facility consists of 7 growing rooms of 460 sq. m. each when cultivated on Phase IV compost with the possibility to switch to Phase III with 530 sq. m. of cultivation loaded into one growing room.

Gribnaja Raduga - Mushroom Farm

Kursk, Russia

In 2021, we completed the construction of a mushroom farm with a total cultivation area of 98377.44 sq. m. The work on the facility was done in 4 stages and now the building  consists of 98 growing rooms, 3 cold rooms, 11 shockers, storage, office and social areas. The entire production facility was equipped with climate maintenance refrigeration equipment and technological equipment.


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