a compost hopper


The machine is designed to work in a technological line with Hermes belt conveyor and Hercules or Hector combine for compost loading. The purpose of the machine is to transfer the required amount of compost to the conveyor belt. Filling the machine’s hopper with compost takes place using a dedicated trailer with a moving floor. 


  • Mostly made of stainless steel
  • Double-row chain conveyor with drivers
  • Manually adjustable compost spreading reel

Technical data

  • Linear drivers speed: 4 m/min *
  • Total engine power: 5.7 kW
  • Curb weigh: 2000 kg
  • Length: 3100 mm
  • Width: 4150 mm
  • Height: 3300 mm

Additional options

  • Possibility to provide a different type of chute (ended with a single or double belt conveyor)
  • Compost spreading reel height adjustment
  • Safety bumper
  • Additional broadsides
  • Wired remote
  • Inspection windows
  • Ladder
  • Inverter
  • Falownik

* Possible to customize to Client’s needs


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