a lift with the Platform modul


The machine equipped with the Platform module enables the insertion of the Jazon combing machine on the requested shelf of the growing shelving. The elevator structure is galvanized, painted in RAL9006 color. The platform, as well as the railings, are made of stainless steel. The suspension system consists of 4 swiveling wheels, 2 of them are equipped with a brake.


  • Mostly made of stainless steel 
  • Automatic cable reel 
  • Platform equipped with 4 swiveling wheels 

Technical data

  • Total engine power: 0.55 kW 
  • The standard design is suitable for shelving with a cultivation width: 1340 mm 
  • Curb weigh: 490 kg 
  • Length: 1300 mm 
  • Width: 2020 mm 
  • Height: 2250 mm 

Additional options

  • Possibility to replace the Platform module with the Winch module 


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