a headfiller for filling substrate and casing – Standard version


This machine’s purpose is to mechanically fill substrate and casing onto growing shelving at mushroom farms. It is a product with a simplified design in relation to Hercules, it has less functionality, however, it does not differ from it in quality.


  • Mostly made of stainless steel 
  • Ultrasonic height sensors for compost/casing 
  • Thrown cacing 

Technical data

  • Loading speed: 6 m/min 
  • The standard design is suitable for shelving with a cultivation width: 1340 mm 
  • Maximum main belt lift height: 3300 mm
    Total engine power: 24 kW 
  • Curb weight: 6500 kg 
  • Length: 8500 mm
    Width: 2250 mm
    Minimum height: 2470 mm 

Additional options

  • Additional finishing module 
  • Wireless remote for operating the machine 
  • Substrate and casing irrigation system 
  • Automatic hydraulic oil heating system 
  • Ramp equipped with independent conveyor belt 
  • Module for loading Phase II 


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