Gates for compost plants

Bunkers Phase I and Tunnels Phase II and III


The purpose of the gate is to provide easy access to the bunker on the composting plant with closed Phase I while maintaining maximum tightness and thermal insulation. The seal is ensured with the use of a high-end silicone gasket and specially designed supports that can be adjusted in three positions. Gate leaf is made of PIR core sandwich panels with stainless steel cladding, enveloped in a frame made of stainless steel shaped profiles. Due to the large size, the structure of the gate is reinforced with stainless steel profiles, which provide structural integrity of the gate.

Gate opening mechanism



The hydraulic opening mechanism is used to lift and slide the gates for Phase 1 bunkers. The mechanism can be made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. Raising the gate can be accomplished with the use of a manual pump and hydraulic cylinders, and optionally with a hydraulic pump controlled by wireless electric system. The electrical pump is provided with a rechargeable battery.

Gate opening mechanism



The manual gate opening mechanism is made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel. Galvanized guide wheels have stainless steel bearings. As an option, the mechanism can be made completely of stainless steel.


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