Air handling units

for compost yard – Tunnels Phase II and III


This air handling unit is designed for air conditioning/ventilation of tunnels with a capacity of up to 400 tons. The design of the AHU is adjusted depending on the way that the tunnels are made. Both the power of the exchangers as well as the fan performance is adjusted to the given tunnel capacity. Using only high quality materials in the manufacturing processes, high level of durability and reliability of the offered products was achieved.

Floor aeration system

Bunkers Phase I


Complete air supply system for Phase I bunkers. The system consists of a radial high-pressure fan and an air distribution manifold with connections to the aerated floor. It is a possible to design many different configurations of materials and equipment.

Air nozzles for aerated floor

Bunkers Phase I


The nozzles for the aerated floor are installed in pipes located in the bunker floor. Their job is to narrow and direct the air flow in order to properly aerate the compost. The nozzle is made of HDPE polypropylene. In order to achieve proper seal it is recommended to use additional sealant.

Sensor’s mechanism for temperature and oxygen

Bunkers Phase I


The temperature or oxygen sensor socket is mounted on the roof over the bunkers. It is used for placing a lance with a compost temperature or an oxygen sensor inside. The socket has a movable mechanism that allows easy insertion of a long lance with a sensor at the end into a compost to take readings.

Lance to climate control system

Bunkers Phase I


The lance is made of a round stainless pipe with a handle on one side and a gland to mount the temperature sensor or air sampling holes on the other side. The temperature sensor lance is used to take compost temperature readings. The oxygen lance, on the other hand, is inserted into the compost to take oxygen level readings.


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