Irrigation system

automatic under-shelf


The automatic irrigation system is mounted above each growing shelf to better control the equal watering cycles.This type of solution ensures long term cost-effectiveness related to the optimization of water consumption and the time needed for watering. Touch control panel can be programmed so that the system starts automatically at any time of the day. The system has a graphic display and manual or remote operation via the Internet. 

Growing nets

for mushroom substrate


Growing nets are used in most of the mushroom farms worldwide. They are used for mechanical filling of compost with casing and its emptying after the harvest. It is a product that has been on the market for over 20 years and enjoys a very good opinion among mushroom growers all over the world. The nets are solidly made of polyethylene fibers in a technology that ensures minimum stretching and shrinkage of the product. 

LED Lamp 32W

with an option to specify color of light


The LED lamp in a hermetically sealed inside polycarbonate housing is specialy designed to be used inside of the growing rooms. Proven „Tridonic” LED modules and ballast work in the most difficult conditions, even in 100% humidity and temperature levels reaching 80 degrees Celsius which can occur during growing room steaming. When ordering there is an option to choose color of light. 

Floor gasket

for growing rooms


The floor gasket is used to fill the installation joint between the sandwich panel and the concrete floor and ensures tightness and ease of cleaning, which results in better hygiene of the growing room. 

Gas-tight coating on panel joints

for growing rooms


The main purpose of using a gas-tight coating is to prevent unsealing of sandwich panel joints and gas penetration between rooms.

Flashings and installation accessories

for growing rooms


We supply a full set of installation accessories, gaskets and tooling necessary to finish the cladding of the growing rooms.

Silicone on panel joints

for growing rooms


Top-quality, heat-resistant silicone ensures the tightness of sandwich panel joints at every stage of the growing cycle.


for plastic crates of mushrooms


This dolly allows you to conveniently transport crates of mushrooms from the growing room to the pallet repacking area. The dimensions fit the boxes and swiveling wheels allow easy maneuvering in the limited space of the growing room. It is made of stainless steel. 

Insect trap

for a growing room


Insect trap is used to eliminate various types of insects that may be present in a growing room. It is equipped with a bulb and a fan, which allows you to lure and target insects directly into the thick liquid at the bottom of the device. 


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